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Steven Grizoffi: Are you an investor, a landlord, or looking at becoming one with the purpose of holding property as a means of long-term investment? Well, this week’s community commentary we’re going to take a look at the ins and the outs of property management. Should you do it yourself? Should you have a professional property management company do it, and if so, who do you use? Well, this is Steven Grizoffi broker and owner of Realty by Design, and I’m actually standing outside of a rental property right now, and we’re going to go inside and we’re going to talk to a property management company that I often use and refer my clients to as well.

Okay. So we are here with Carol Hahl from Carol Hahl Real Estate. How are you doing, Carol?

Carol Hahl: Perfect today, Steve. How are you?

Steven Grizoffi: I’m doing quite well. Well, you might be asking why I’m interviewing another person in real estate and that’s because at Realty by Design, we do not do property management. So, I rely pretty heavily upon Carol Hahl. I’ve known her for a good little while now, and she takes great care of her clients. Let me ask you this, Carol, what would you say to that person that either owns investment property now, they’re thinking about buying an investment property, or maybe they’re thinking about renting out their current primary residence and they’re debating whether they should manage that property themselves or use a professional property management company? What would you say to that person?

Carol Hahl: Doing it yourself is a lot of work. It is not easy. Just finding the right tenant is not easy, so I would strongly suggest you put a person, puts a buffer between themselves and their tenants and someone to watch over their property.

Steven Grizoffi: So, let me ask you this, Carol. As far as, okay, so the person’s hearing this, maybe they’ve already decided or with some of this input that they’re hearing today, “Okay. We’re going to go with a professional property management company.” What are some of the reasons and some of the benefits of going with Carol Hahl Properties as opposed to another company?

Carol Hahl: Well, first of all, my business is based on integrity. There’s a lot of room for fraud in this business. I just pride myself on being upfront and open, letting the owner know exactly what they could expect from me, and every penny of the income and the outflow of their invested is accounted for every month.

Steven Grizoffi: What is one maybe unique thing that you do that you would say is kind of your specialty or something unique that you do in property management that others don’t necessarily do?

Carol Hahl: Well, I think it’s important that I maintain a good relationship with my tenants. Happy tenants pay their rent, and they don’t tear up your property, for one thing. I don’t make them afraid to call me if there something goes wrong. I maintain my properties, and if they call me and they’re not afraid to call me, some property managers make it very difficult to call them, I take care of it right away.

Steven Grizoffi: Yeah. That is definitely unique, I would say. I haven’t really heard that before in any of the other property management companies that I’ve worked with personally. Well, if someone wanted to get ahold of you, Carol, give us your contact information and let us know how they can do that.

Carol Hahl: They can email me at or they can text or call to (916) 718-6799.

Steven Grizoffi: Okay. Carol will. Thanks for giving us that information. Now, I understand that you focus on both Sacramento and Placer counties?

Carol Hahl: That is correct.

Steven Grizoffi: It’s been a pleasure speaking with you and I’m sure we’ll connect soon.

Carol Hahl: Likewise, Steve. Thank you so much.

Steven Grizoffi: All right. Have a great day.

Carol Hahl: You too.

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