Current Trends – Should You Sell Now?

Is it a Good time To Sell ?

So, are you wanting to sell your home? Just not sure it’s the right time for you right now? Well, today we’re gonna focus on the facts and we’re gonna look at what’s going on here, in Placer County, California, as well as the trends that have been occurring, since the pandemic hit.

Hello everyone, this is Steven Grizoffi, Owner and Broker of Realty by Design, and let’s dive right into this subject, by seeing what an economist at High Frequency Economic said. Quote,

“The housing market is likely benefiting from low mortgage rates, a stronger demand for larger spaces, as more and more people work from home, and a desire to move away from crowded cities, to avoid exposure.”

So a few things to focus on here, first, due to extremely low-interest rates right now, the demand for housing is high. Obviously, this helps the buyer be able to afford more home, but this also helps you as a seller, as low-interest rates drive home prices up. Second, since inventory is low, that’s being the number of homes that are currently on the market, this is also driving prices up. And third, looking at the housing market as a whole, we see another factor, most likely due to COVID. This quote comes from Realtor Magazine, who questioned people about their likeliness of moving, and it explains.

“Nearly 30% of respondents living in high-density urban areas say, the pandemic is prompting them to want to move by the end of the year.”

So, people that are living in condos and high-rises, are wanting more rural areas, and this is a direct benefit for us right here, in Auburn, California 95602 and 95603, Loomis, California 95650, and Rocklin, California 95677 and 95765.

Well, is everything perfect? Well, many people are hesitant to put their homes on the market right now, citing fear of not being able to find the next home to move in to. That’s where we come in here at Realty by Design, by looking at where you’re at now, and then where you wanna go, and we customize a plan to make sure you get there. In the case of selling, when inventory is low, we can help you take advantage of this as a seller, and then design options such as selling with contingencies, or negotiating a rent-back for you when the time is right to make sure you have a smooth transition, from one home to the next. So, remember, “Home is where life happens.” So, reach out to us today, Steve Grizoffi, Broker and Owner, Realty by Design, and let’s make it just a great selling and buying day

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